Calla Day Care
Lic # 073406726
"We are proud of the safe and friendly
environment that we create for your
children. We learn when we play, and
we play when we learn."

In Calla Day Care we want your child to
feel like in his/her own home.
We are mother and daughter who work
together in order to create a program that
will benefit your child in every possible
way. We take care of your precious one
when you are busy and make sure that we
provide an environment full of discovery
and fun. This is the age when children
learn the most and we want to be part of
this learning. We incorporate math,
language and science in games and daily
activities, so your children never find it
boring. Our activities are always created
taking into consideration children' age and
interests. We always welcome feedback
from parents, because we want our
program to improve every day and to
include everything that you want your
child to learn.
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