Calla Child Care
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Once you decide to leave your child with us you will be
provided with a booklet of our policies and we will go
over them with you. They are not only made to work
for us, but also for you.

We accept children 0-
8, but do not assume we always
have spots for all age groups. In order to have the
most accurate information, call us or send us an e-mail
(please see

We also have drop-ins, but call us at least the night
before to check if we have spots available for the next
day and to give yourself more time to look for a

To learn more about our prices call us or send us an
e-mail (
CONTACT US). We have discounts if you bring
more than one child to us, as well us for every referral
that you give us.
  • Drawing
  • Singing
  • Number Sense
  • Reading
  • Circle Time
  • Basic Gardening
  • Crafts
  • Mobile Activities
  • Potty Training
  • Writing
  • Language
    (Spanish, Russian
    activities in
    addition to English)
Our operating hours are 6:30
a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
hour are available with prior
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Whit the support of Child Council we also introduced the
Activity Boxes into our program. That way we encourage
discovery and exploration as the best way to help children
love to learn. These theme-based activity boxes are filled
with activities-puzzles, books, games, dramatic play props,
music, cooking, art and science ideas that provide new
ideas for children's play. We work on new activity boxes
each week.
•Community Helpers
•Five Senses
•Insects and
•Our World